dark (enhearten) wrote,


I dreamt of a new house where I know atleast Adrienne and Jessy lived. There was a hole in the ceiling a sunlight in one of the rooms. You were wondering why your stereo wasn't loud enough or kept blowing out.
I walked to the grocery store which was longer than i thought it would be, while it started to rain.
As I approached this fence I thoght it was this base that the military had set up. I didn't know how to walk by unsuspicious so I slid on my belly and acted like my normal self. Well it turned out not to be military at all, but a bunch of soccer games next to a indoor athletic compound.
At the edge of the field was sohrob and some friends chatting between a match. One ball got out of hand and flew into the street. Sohrob told me not to run after it. There was this car coming that was a sporty utility vehicle and i was mad that it didn't stop and let me get the ball. After i ran for it in a valiant effort threatening to jump out in front of the car, i gave both middle fingers to the driver's rear view mirror.

Well I gave it back to them and I guess they were trying to move the game indoors because it was too wet outside. Well to my surprise the young woman who was choosing people to play called me in, but I couldn't find my shoes. They ended up still being in the street. It turned out we weren't playing indoors, but it was cool inside, you had to go down this latter (Which felt like a lot of fun...you couldn't get a burn or anything from sliding.) Their original court was a glass covering a pool, but that was way too slippery so they put this big net up and started hacking. I got one tap before it went over the edge below, I was in a bad position where you'd have to hold on to the net to do anything which limited your ability to fall.

I remember feeling inadequate but also feeling a warriors spirit coming on. I knew i was in over my head, i just was trying to learn from the process. i was kind of boisterous with my " i'm a goal tender, its a whole different world..." talk.
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