dark (enhearten) wrote,

insightful dreams with noam chomsky and embryo

Talked with noam chomsky last night for a while
and then he made this comment "and you've been doing what? pft pf" and that last thing is him playing/testing a microphone.
and i got really mad, that he was making fun of me and maybe didn't know i had been working full time now. Instead of telling him that, i started throwing tables and stuff. Then my buddy tim came and was like "that's not very buddhist." 
"They are just material, they don't ..... have substance...." or something like that
to which Tim replied "It's not about buddhism nigel! that's not the point." With those words he was telling me that it's more important to respect beings and set a good example, than to react to them with only your needs considered.
Also, those chairs and tables weren't noam chomsky's they were of the library that we all decided to meet in.

Wow, i can be so ignorant sometimes. Thanks Tim, you really made me stop and think.

last night the last thing i was thinking about before i went to bed was dealing with the reality as it is (falling asleep to a dharma talk.) While i was also freewriting to my anarchist buddhist friend and getting sort of mad in that free style. haha what a great combination (except for noam and the library, sorry!)

EDIT:: And look at the post before this
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